preorder status update, upcoming ko-fi commission slots

preorder status update, upcoming ko-fi commission slots

Hello everyone~ Just a quick update on storefront and on upcoming ko-fi commission slots! Read on for more information 😊😊

Shhhh, they are sleeping… (for now)

You can check out the commission page for more details and to prepare your application! Opening date tbd, will announce 1 week in advance on twitter and via email newsletter.

Preorder status updates > here < !

  • Batch 1 of notebook preorders and in-stock items have been scheduled to send Nov 17. If you have not received a shipping notification, it will be shipped in batch 2 the following week (Nov 24).
  • emissary / traveler zipper tablet cases are still under production, but there is a delay due to the factory closure for covid lockdowns (approx 2-3 weeks). Anticipated fulfillment date is Feb 2023.
  • while shop is closed, you can check out status updates from the main store page! isn’t that cool? (please clap)
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