(YCH) ko-fi commission slots - Dec 2 @ 9PM EST

(YCH) ko-fi commission slots - Dec 2 @ 9PM EST

YCH (your character here) sleepy blorbo slots will be open next week! Slots will be first come, first serve so set your alarms for Dec 2, 2022 @ 9PM EST.

You can preview the information and prepare your order form + references. When you send your request in, please:

  • attach the filled form, and/or
  • type out the details exactly (i.e., Pose C / Expression 3 / Eyebrows thin / Eyelashes Y)

Request with no form will be refunded and cancelled. While I aim to have these out relatively quickly, it may take me up to 1 month.

sleepy sundered blorbos

4 slots will be open for custom outfits (sleepy sundered blorbos).

sleepy ancient blorbos

8 slots will be open for sophist robe-only (sleepy ancient blorbos). minor customization is allowed for sophist robes.

Preorder status updates

  • folio of the third seat zipper cases are shipping in waves due to weight and size of packages. thanks for your patience!
  • emissary / traveler zipper tablet cases are still in production, but there is a delay due to the factory closure for covid lockdowns (approx 2-3 weeks). Anticipated fulfillment in Feb 2023.
  • scion pocket pals are shipping from the manufacturer soon! waiting for preorder bonuses and quality grading, fulfillment in early Jan 2023.
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