Tote bag care instructions

✦ Canvas totes are not waterproof but it is washable.

✦ Vinyl totes are made of waterproof pvc vinyl.

✦ Canvas totes are made of a thick fabric, suitable for carrying groceries/books/other heavier items.

✦ It is not recommended to carry heavy loads (more than 3-4lb) in vinyl totes as it may get stretched out from the weight.

✦ Please be aware there is no padding in tote bags.

✦ Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun or direct heat sources.

✦ You can remove the wrinkles/folds by gently using a hair dryer or leaving it someplace warm.

✦ VINYL ONLY: Anti-slip powder is applied during the production process to prevent the vinyl from sticking in transport. You can wipe the bag clean and it will be ready for use.