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ff14 sophist's tablet case

ff14 sophist's tablet case

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*** THIS IS A PREORDER: items will ship in Feb 2023. Orders will only ship when all items are in stock. If you want your items sooner, please place separate orders. Check preorder status [ here ]. ***


keep your tablet snug and unsundered in this elegant zippered tablet sleeve!

available in two colourways reminiscent of the shepherd of the stars and the guiding star of the convocation


✦ Emissary - pearl white, white ink printing, silver hardware
✦ Traveler - soot black, black ink printing, gold hardware 


✦ material: faux nappa leather
✦ design: silk screen printing (front), hot stamped foil (back)
✦ you can put your tablet into the pocket or leave it in the main compartment
✦ depending on the protective case on your tablet, it may be more (or less) difficult to put the tablet into a pocket
✦ case is minimally padded - please don't drop it

✦ storage space

  • mesh pocket
  • 2 inner pockets
  • loop for stylus 

colours may vary slightly between monitors and the final finished product


✦ standard pocket fits iPad Pro 11 inch (2020)
✦ oversize pocket fits an ipad pro 12.9 inch (2020)
✦ measured with no case - a slim magnetic case will fit but not a bulky case
✦ pen loop can fit an apple pencil with a slim protective sleeve
✦ other tablets can fit but please check dimensions carefully before ordering


✦ You are responsible for any customs fees and additional shipping/handling charges at time of delivery.

✦ Please let me know if you want your order shipped in a box, otherwise it will be at my discretion.

✦ All North American orders come with tracking by default.



✦ standard : 10.5 in (H) x 9 in (L) x 1.25 in (W)
✦ oversize : 12 in (H) x 10 in (L) x 1.25 in (W)
✦ wrist strap : 6 in (L)
✦ zipper pull : 3 in (L)


✦ standard : 10.5 in (H) x 8.25 in (L) x 1 in (W) ✦ oversize : 11.5 in (H) x 10 in (L) x 1 in (W)


✦ standard : 10.25 in (H) x 8 inch (W)
✦ oversize : 11.5 in (H) x 9.5 in (W)


✦ standard : 5.5 in (H) x 8.25 in (W)
✦ oversize : 6.5 in (H) x 9.5 in (W)


✦ standard : 460 g / 1.01 lb
✦ oversize : 570 g / 1.27 lb
✦ approximate weight of empty case + wrist strap + zipper pull 

Care Instructions

✦ Do not put in the laundry machine or dryer.

✦ Wipe water and dirt/stains from regular use away with a soft clean cloth and/or mild cleaning detergent as needed.

✦ Keep away from direct and indirect heat sources, sharp objects, direct sunlight for long periods of time.

✦ There may be indentations from shipping - these will smooth out over time or with a very gentle application of heat.

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