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ff14 tiny friends charms

ff14 tiny friends charms

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cosmodynes & eggntoast collab featuring your favourite blorbos as bite size gremlins.

sold out of a design? check out eggntoast for mirrored listings!


✦ Emet-Selch 🥚
✦ Hythlodaeus (smiling) ✨
✦ Venat 🥚
✦ Hermes + Meteion ✨
✦ Themis ✨
✦ Erichthonios 🥚
✦ Estinien 🥚
✦ Thancred 🥚
✦ Y'shtola ✨
✦ Urianger 🥚
✦ Alisaie + Alphinaud ✨
✦ G'raha ✨ ✨


✦ Hythlodaeus (plotting)
✦ HythEmet hand-holding
✦ Emet-Selch (anger)
✦ Hades (rip)
✦ Emet-Selch (gun)


✦ double-sided acrylic charm with full bleed translucent background
✦ comes on a phone strap (colour varies)
✦ ball chain keychain available upon request (colour is randomly selected)
✦ designs drawn by:


✦ 4 cm (not including accessory)


✦ You are responsible for any customs fees and additional shipping/handling charges at time of delivery.

✦ Please let me know if you want your order shipped in a box, otherwise it will be at my discretion.

✦ All North American orders come with tracking by default.

Care Instructions

✦ Please peel the protective film off when you receive acrylic charms and keychains.

✦ Edges may be sharp, please handle with care.

✦ Painted accessories and coloured metal accessories may chip or fade with use over time, this is to be expected as part of natural wear and tear.

✦ Attachment on acrylic charms and keychains can be changed out for a ball chain keychain or phone strap upon request at checkout (colour is randomly selected).

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