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ff14 elpis pocket pal plush keychains

ff14 elpis pocket pal plush keychains

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it's dangerous to go alone! take this! it's your favourite old new friends but as micro-organisms


✦ Emet-Selch - red bow

✦ Hythlodaeus - white bow

✦ Hermes - red bow

✦ Venat - white bow

✦ Erichthonios - white bow, clear glass bead dangle

✦ Themis - red bow


✦ plush keychains are made from a super soft fabric, perfect for holding gently in your hands. or throwing.

✦ these are collectible plush keychains, not suitable for children.

✦ intended for display/decoration by ages 14+


✦ 5 inch / 10 cm (6.3cm head and 3.7cm body)

✦ the ball chain part is not included in this measurement

✦ the body is empty like a little ghost. only the head is stuffed

Quality Grade


a great deal to bring home an adorable plush! these dolls have very minor flaws as a result of manufacturing:

✦ loose stitching, small glue spots, visible threads
✦ slightly misaligned hair pieces

✦ flaws would be hard to notice unless pointed out specifically.


these dolls have more visible flaws than a b-grade plush as a result of manufacturing:

✦ embroidery misalignment or loose embroidery
✦ misaligned hair pieces
✦ small (less than 3mm) fabric tears along stitching


✦ holes (can be fixed by sewing it), cut marks, hair or clothes sewn into seams, missing parts (ears, accessories)
✦ very noticeably flawed, offered at cost so you can fix it yourself


✦ You are responsible for any customs fees and additional shipping/handling charges at time of delivery.

✦ Please let me know if you want your order shipped in a box, otherwise it will be at my discretion.

✦ All North American orders come with tracking by default.

Care Instructions

✦ Wrinkles and folds are part of the shipping process. 

✦ You can fluff up the doll heads to normal roundness, and the creases will disappear over time / with steam.

✦ Spot clean only, do not put into washing machine or dryer.

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